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Our base of operations is set up in Gilvyčiai, Šiauliai district, Lithuania. When we first came here we only found a few old and unmaintained buildings from the soviet era, next to that a town lost and forgotten in the last century. Turning the situation to our favor we salvaged the structures that were still usable and created our modern well equipped fully functional headquarters. Also it was an injection of vitality to the local life as the jobs we created and the essential training opportunities to the new employees stirred up the town.

Our equipment

The production site is filled with modern and well maintained machinery that is needed to fulfill all the tasks involved. When choosing what kind of equipment to install we stressed the importance of three main qualities – reliability, capability and flexibility. So now we are able to produce big amounts of product fast and without compromising on quality. And we can adjust to the requirements of our clients and partners.

The main production functions are carried out using top of the line Swedish made Kisaved firewood processors and shipping container sized wood drying kilns.  Also, it became clear from past experience that it is quite easy and logical to make all the sale stands, boxes and other packaging gear ourselves, not involving any unknowns in to the process. So we equipped the production line with all the necessary tools for that purpose as well.