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From the first steps to where we ended up today it was a kind of natural flow of events. In the beginning we progressed not even anticipating how it would change our lives. We simply had the will to reach more and make a difference. Our company kept growing as more and more like minded people joined, bringing their share of new ideas and hard work.



Way before BIOMASS was established, having found product available for sale, we became intermediaries and started selling locally produced firewood to foreign retailers. The goal was to take the product from the production site to the client’s door cheaply, quickly and conveniently.

In such a position we encountered different means of transportation and all the specific procedures and methods. Starting with the rental of a single cargo truck and finishing by having partnerships with market-leading shipping companies that ensure a quick, punctual delivery and take good care of the product during the trip, we have been through it all.

Retail experiment

Being an intermediary meant striving to hear the requests and wishes of the retailers – what kinds of products they needed and how the wanted it presented. However we could not but notice all the differences of opinion and also that more requirements did not necessarily mean more sales. Seeing that the retailer’s customers and their needs were not completely understood, we decided to run an experiment and walk a mile in the retailer’s shoes ourselves.

So we started working directly with the end users of the product and gradually realised what product and service they need, what mistakes they made and how we could help them conveying the much needed knowledge as well as with a superior product. Also we assessed the peculiarities of retail business by trying out a range of sales strategies, facing all kinds of hurdles a dealer could come across when selling our product. We learned by doing and gathered an extensive know-how.


Working with the producers at the same time, we were searching for the best – looking at their production processes, monitoring capabilities and took notice of their mistakes. In time our influence on the end product grew. As more requirements rose from research into the retail side of things, the complete set of product specifications evolved. But eventually we hit the limit of how much stable supply and product qualitative uniformity we could secure. Because we aspired to lead the market not only in service but also production – we had to start our own production lines. Launching BIOMASS we introduced a standardized production system with multiple self-check elements – to ensure quality, safety and an ecological process.


Step by step a vertically integrated business system was created, where BIOMASS is the foundation on which everything grows. One could even say it created itself out of universal need to satisfy consumer needs, and it still searches for ways to improve.