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At the core of BIOMASS is a strategy group – a few executives specializing in various fields of expertise, each one with their own specific abilities and exceptional experiences. Interests have already taken them many places around the world and into quite a few different ventures, accumulating a vast pool of knowledge concerning more than just business.
Though very different they are banded together by the same goals and led by the same ideas. As a group they enrich each other and create a dynamic team that can flexibly adjust to all kinds of challenges and achieve the best results. These people are in charge of making the company policies, strategies, and like the engine of a machine propel it forward.


The administration team is ready to take care of our clients in all possible situations. Specializing in logistics, documentation and communication, they pride themselves grasping all the intricacies of the system and knowing how to save time, money and head-aches for our partners. Our main administrative goal is to accomplish an absolutely smooth process, so these people work with patience and honesty. They will protect our partners interests and until their expectations are reached and surpassed.

Production specialists

Running the production processes is very qualified team of specialists who know the machinery and technologies involved very well. Even though they already are experienced in the field, they still continue to attend special courses designed to improve their knowledge on regular bases. They are motivated and proud of what they do, understanding the importance of their jobs and knowing that even by small actions they change the world. Most are important and respected members in the local community, as well as organizers of its daily life.