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Our vision is to become the leading provider of firewood worldwide, spreading our ideas and knowledge to the furthest reaches of the civilized world. We wish to make and sell the best product quality wise and serve the users of that product so they could associate responsible and ecologically sustainable heating with the name BIOMASS. The goal is to make the world a better place for the next generation and all the rest to come after that.


Nowadays, as more and more information is available on climate change and ecological disasters all around the world, it is impossible to just sit and wait for things to fix themselves. That would be very irresponsible and just down right stupid. Having found an opportunity to influence change, we are going to take it.


As we have already laid the groundwork for this vision founding BIOMASS, now is the time to expand and grow. We have to reach and convey our ideas to as many customers as possible. Together with expanding our sales area we will be able to educate a bigger audience. We plan on using all means available, creating new strategies and adapting to the evolving situation in the global market.

Why join us?

First of all it is the smart thing to do, considering all the benefits. The project has already been set in motion and as our partner you could enjoy being able to add to a sustainable and environmentally friendly business model. Not only would you know yourself that you are part of something bigger, but could also create an inspiring image of your company contributing to the betterment of the planet in the eyes of your customers. You could help your local communities to learn and save costs. Last but not least – joining us is a sound investment. You get your money’s worth in our product to start with, let alone all the service we can provide. You could say – it is a win-win situation.