Where do we get our wood?

All of our raw material comes from state managed Lithuanian forestry enterprises, which are 100% FSC certified since 2005.

What species of trees is used?

The majority of our products are made from Ash, but we can work with Birch, Oak or Alder per client requirements.

How is the firewood dried?

All of our logs are kiln dried from three to seven days depending on the starting condition.

What is the moisture content in our logs?

Our firewood is kiln dried to have no more than 20% moisture, as it is the recommended by most stove makers worldwide.

How is the firewood measured?

The logs we sell are always neatly stacked by hand to achieve maximum capacity. Also we only measure the actual volume the logs occupy excluding the crates or other packaging material.

How are the deliveries made?

Usually the logs are loaded into a shipping container and one of our transportation partners take it the harbor nearest to the client. There the container is loaded onto a truck and delivered straight to the agreed destination.

What equipment is needed to receive a delivery?

A forklift and a pump truck are needed to unload the firewood crates or pallets from the shipping container quickly and safely.

How long is the delivery lead time?

Depending on the destination it can take anywhere from two to three weeks.

Is it possible to split the order?

Yes, it is possible. Consult one of our managers for exact details.

What are the payment terms?

For the first purchase we require the payment to be made upon delivery and after the client had the chance to inspect the products. All further payments are to be made once the order is shipped.

Are there any import taxes?

No import taxes are applied to firewood products circulating within the EU.

Does the VAT tax apply?

If the customers is registered as VAT payer we issue an invoice with a 0% rate. If the customer is not registered 21% VAT rate applies.