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Finest raw material – one of our production priorities is selecting only the best quality timber. As a general rule we recommend Ash, as it is known for its hardness and density, very important values for firewood.

High heat content – you will need to burn less logs to achieve the same results. For example Ash has about one and a half times the heat content of Pine, so you could save up a third of your storage just by switching species alone.

Low moisture content – probably the most important property logs can have. If too high it can even damage your equipment, let alone spoil the effectiveness of the heating process. All our products are kiln dried to 20% moisture content or lower.

Consistent quality – we produce all the logs ourselves and have a very high quality standard in our production system. That is the only way we know to make absolutely sure our clients will always get the same products they are used to.

Conveniently packed – a few packaging options for you to choose from below. We can also make packaging options tailored for your needs specifically if you require.