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Repeat business – it is our main goal. We strive to impress on the ‘first date’, but it is really a long term relationship we are looking for. So listening and reacting to your requests is a priority for us, as we wish to serve you the best way possible.

On time – don’t you get tired of products being delivered late? We have established a partnership with a few market-leading transport companies. Together we will agree on a date when you want the product and it will be delivered that day.

Reserve – when that really cold winter comes and all other suppliers you know are just out of stock, we will still have as much as you need. We keep expanding our storage area so we can safely say we have enough.

Adjustability – sometimes you may have requirements that differ from the usual and struggle to find someone who can fulfil them. Worry no more – tell us what you need and we will make it. That is just what we do!


Call our office today and talk to one of our managers

and see for yourself that we are cheerful and easy to work with.

We are sure you will benefit from the dialog.