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Cheap, but not cheaper – be aware of the extremely low price offers you may get. Always look for that optimal price and value ratio. From experience we find that the ‘cheapest’ product usually ends up costing the most.

Heat content – different species of wood have different values so one could even say they are different grades of firewood fuel. If you choose right you’ll need to burn less logs to achieve the same results.

Production specifics – we take pride in being able to produce a truly great product with just the right moisture content and measurements so it will burn well and fit all stoves and cookers.

Packaging specifics – when you ask for 2m3 of firewood, for example, it is exactly what you get. Not a crate of that volume where the material of the crate is counted as the product. Our packaging is FREE.

Delivery service – our transportation partners will provide the shortest route, the quickest and safest transport, as well as take very good care of the product along the way. And you will get your order on the day we agree upon.

Do the math – if you were to put all of this into a calculator you would see for yourselves how much more you can get and how much costs you can save by partnering up with us.

Call our office today and talk to one of our managers.

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