Lithuanians have always been proud of the forests our country is filled with. We enjoy the resources it provides – from picking berries and mushrooms for food to firewood for making our homes warmer. And people have been burning that wood to get heat, cook food and create light since they mastered fire.

Surely it would be easy to call using firewood an old or even outdated practice in the wake of today’s overwhelming technological advancements. However, it wasn’t that long ago, maybe about a generation has passed since, that most people would encounter firewood in their daily life. Both in the city, before gas or central heating was universally available, and the country side, where solid fuels were basically the only option, the use of firewood was the norm.

One could probably say – it’s in our blood.

Time to act

Most of us could tell countless nostalgic stories from our childhood about how we were taught to tend a fireplace or a stove by our parents and grandparents. It is such experiences that stick deep within our subconscious, form our identity, our point of view and leave traces in future life as we take the responsibility we have been brought up with to this new world of technology. Now is the time for us to teach the young generation and share our knowledge. Especially when the use of fossil fuels is taking the planet to the point of no return. We have to be ecologically minded and rethink how we use the resources nature provides.

Why firewood?

Starting as users that wanted to improve methods, effectiveness and save costs, led by curiosity we searched for additional information and a better understanding of using firewood. It was only natural that we emerged as BIOMASS – a firewood wholesaler with a new responsible approach to the centuries old business.

So we began

Having examined the situation in the local market we reached a conclusion that there was no ideal option yet. The consumers could not get their money’s worth where both quality of the product and the service were concerned. So far it was a not fully exploited niche with key links missing.

An opportunity opened up for us to create a business in turn making an impact on our surroundings – we founded BIOMASS. And if you get right down to it – we just could not sit and do nothing knowing how to help and improve.