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Ash is the species favored in our production. We use it for most of our products and we will recommend it in almost every situation. Ash is a very dense type of wood with a high heat content making it one of the best options for firewood.

We can split our logs into various measurements. From past experience we figure it is most practical to make 25cm long logs with a 10-20cm cross-section that way it fits in most cookers or stoves used around the world today.

Splitting dimensions 610x610px


We offer three main options if firewood in crates is what you are looking for. A few different size designs to suit your needs best. All neatly stacked by hand to achieve maximum capacity.

Low crate

Made specifically low for the situations where height of the crate could be an issue.

Medium crate

The standard crate size used by most all across the firewood industry.

Tall crate

The optimal crate design for storing and shipping large quantities of firewood.


We offer two main options if firewood in nets is what you are looking for. A couple different size designs to suit your needs best. Neatly stacked by hand to achieve maximum capacity.

Large net

A durable net of approximately 40l making it a convenient option for everyday use.

Medium net

A durable net of approximately 25l, making it light and easy to carry anywhere.


Our kindling is kiln dried as well as the firewood for your convenience.

Kindling net

To help you start that fire in a matter of seconds.

Tailored for you

Haven’t found the ideal option? Tell us what it is you need. The products you see above are the main line of our production, but in no way should it suggest that it is all we make. We can adjust to almost any requirements and we will happily tailor our products specifically for you.